Affection is enthralling. No no, much more than that. It is so beautiful when it is reciprocated.Yes, affection and attachment demands reciprocation too. Imagine being attached to someone who is equally attached to you? Imagine being affectionate to someone who shows more affection in some ways and then it feels weird to let go one […]

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Not anymore.

​​Don’t go.And don’t let me go!”once he said and that was the moment I wanted to hold him close and say I won’t.  He was always my 11:11 wish because he was a kind that made me close my eyes and make a wish and my wishes came true when he used to look at me. […]

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Since you’re gone👣🍃

It’s been a quite a while since you’re gone far away from me.But you know what? I have still got your memories.A part of you is still there in my heart.My mind continuously over thinks about you. Now,I want to tell you the things I never got a chance to tell.But the problem is I am just not able to break my silence.Words are do slipping away but still […]

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A letter to my Father.

Dear papa, So I am writing this for you. I don’t always express my feelings face to face but by this way I will be able to express them better. First of all I love you so much papa.I couldn’t  have asked for a better understanding guy like you in my life. For me you […]

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So I know this guy and guess what he is perfect.It’s so difficult to get over & not to think about him. He is somewhat like deep poetry,hard to understand in one go,but beautiful and as expressive as it can be. His light brown sparkly eyes are as gorgeous as anything, and speak more than his words. His […]

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Beautiful voyage❤🌍🎈

Life is an unexpected journey.It comes with all new and different experiences. By bringing up happy moments it enlightens us and by bringing up sadness it drags us down. Some of us keep holding on to  gloomy things where some of us try to find happiness in little things happening around. Sometimes we clasp the […]

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Happy & Positive❤

​​My heart locks memories of Happy and positive people. The smile upon their face remains the same whether I meet them daily or after some months or even when I have met them for the very first time. How weird is it? No? I get attracted to someone so easily whom I have just met just […]

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