Nothing is ever lost

She calmed him down and took him in her arms.

Dont think too much”,”Dont lose yourlself”,”I am here” and “I am never letting you go” she whispered.

Months passed. Memories came in to haunt him.

He hurriedly tries to run away.
Tries to escape.
But her echoes ‘hold him back’

“Some memories dont last forever.But I am sure ‘our’ memories will.Because in a world full of changes I will be your forever,your constant and I will make sure you will never regret this memory”.she mentioned.

But now the memories of her ‘haunts’ him.
Every day, he loses himself.
Her absolute absence hits him.
The cries of grief are so very loud,
But not loud enough to reach her ears.

His racing heartbeats want to trace the path through which she had gone far away from him.

He missed her
He misses her just the way winter night misses the warmth of sun.

Is it easy to get over ?
Unbreakable feelings and Fragile emotions remain.Passion never dies but the love does.

“Dont think too much” she whispered.

How could not he think? When he was bound to think about her in every possible way. He well remembered everything.Each move. Every single touch. The taste of her lips.The fragrance and the undesired touch.

But it was all lost.
The capacity to feel that again was lost.

Blurred memories of the love they made flickers in his mind.
I want to feel the love again. I want to fall again. I want to love and want to be loved again. His heart whispered.

Everything was lost. But something was left. Something that he knew. Something he wont show.



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