‘He’is misunderstood most of the time.

To all the guys out there .

Just like any other ordinary person, just like any other girl, you also have feelings.You are sensitive & you have to deal with mental breakdowns, but guess what? You are amazing! You are not just physically but also mentally strong. Nowadays, we all see posts, videos and stuff what-not on the internet regarding the problems an ordinary girl deals with. We support girls by posting long captions in favour of them, precisely being a feminist. But who cares about that guy who tries his hard to become an ideal son, a brother, a friend, a boyfriend, or a father? What about his feelings? What about the emotions he hides inside his mind that make his heart drop? Our society says, Boys don’t cry. Boys are strong. Are you a girl? Why are you crying? We  have got no specific opinion for anything.At a time we say, girls are strong too. But then comes the part of telling a boy that he’s behaving like ‘a girl’. Why? Why can’t a guy not cry? He is a human too. So why not? If a girl gets hit up with depression, she shows that by crying, but what happens when a guy is dealing with same thing? He will still crack a joke right away. 

He gets sad. He gets hurt. He is dying inside his heart. He gets ignored. He deals with depression. He deals with  confusions to make people happy. He is misunderstood most of the time. It’s not always the girl who is judged but also the boys who gets judged by the society. “Oh he has got ‘built up body’, “DAMN, Ughh look at him, the skinny, one malnutrition huh”.. “6 Pack abs, woah!”, “Haha look at that round fatass humpty dumpty, “6 ft. tall, omg ‘I am dying’ ah this short? Who likes short guys..way outta my league. Beard, oh my God! So hot. Clean shaved are so eww. This sums it all up I guess. It is  not only a girl that gets judged. Guys have also got to face these things. If a girl is being called slut, bitch or whore, he also gets a tag of fuckboy, playboy, asshole & what-not. He conceals everything. He tries not to give up on anything. When a girl faces a problem, literally 10 people stand right behind her, but then there are guys who stand alone, who are physically strong, but not mentally. They don’t know how to keep hold. 

Feminism is not what all we require, it is the equality.

-Palak Arora


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