Affection is enthralling. No no, much more than that. It is so beautiful when it is reciprocated.Yes, affection and attachment demands reciprocation too. Imagine being attached to someone who is equally attached to you? Imagine being affectionate to someone who shows more affection in some ways and then it feels weird to let go one who was never yours.The graph of interaction only sees the height and not the down fall.It seems pretty good in the beginning but slowly slowly it hurts, getting attached to someone so early hurts. You feel like holding them close.But can’t.
That attachment, that affection gives a hope, it breeds faith, love, trust and happiness, It creates a bond, a different kind of bond.It comes up with feelings which never remain constant.Its like a paradox, happy & sad feels at the same time. One moment there is so much care & in another negligence. When two souls are attached, it is really a hinge, holding you tight, telling you not to let go, tying you, testing you, giving you firmness, gripping you in every single way by talks, by expressions, by one that single touch.It feels like being in love. I am lying, it’s everything but not Love. Never was. It is like two ends of river far apart but still together, trying to reach out to the other.


-Palak Arora


4 thoughts on “A&A.

  1. OMFG. Ok let me begin
    1. That was amazing,I really liked where you shifted your focus on this post like more on the important parts that make up love, really liked that.
    2. This time the transition between the start and the end was great. The start consisted of something that hooks your attention well done on that. The ending had a feeling of completeness to it so kudos for that.
    3. The choice of image was great as always.
    4. This was amazing really loved it.
    5. I’m just blabbering at this point don’t take anything I say seriously 😀
    6. Keep Writing.

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  2. ❤️Simply Fab !! Hard to describe how beautiful your expression is …..and the last line(it’s like two ends of a river) was wondrous. May this stream of amazing creativity continue to surge………….FOREVER 🙂


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