Not anymore.

​​Don’t go.And don’t let me go!”once he said and that was the moment I wanted to hold him close and say I won’t. 

He was always my 11:11 wish because he was a kind that made me close my eyes and make a wish and my wishes came true when he used to look at me.

He was just there when I didn’t want anyone around but he was the one I always wanted.There he was and my world was a better place to live.I rejoiced every single moment.

His smile was contagious.His smile made me smile better than anything.I searched for him in every single person I met but failed everytime because he was the only one I could ever meet and everything I could ever achieve in a friendship.

He was an attachment.But I am a liar.I am lying.He was more than an attachment.There are so many things when two souls are attached emotionally to each other.

Doesn’t matter how far he is, how much distant we are now still every inch of his memory stays with me.

Love held us together and I swear we were in love but not with each other.Not anymore.

-Palak Arora


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