Since you’re gone👣🍃

It’s been a quite a while since you’re gone far away from me.But you know what? I have still got your memories.A part of you is still there in my heart.My mind continuously over thinks about you.

Now,I want to tell you the things I never got a chance to tell.But the problem is I am just not able to break my silence.Words are do slipping away but still I am falling short of whispers I always wanted to mention.

There were the days when I hated you for your being and the things you did for me.But I do regret for what I have done and then slowly I embraced your flaws.

Since now you are gone,I really want to trace the path through which you passed by  because I have fallen enough for what all you’ve done for me in the past time.

So,I want to say that you can come back again.Yes. I want  you right back here with me just like before.Come back again just the way you were gone because you are the one whom I always loved but never loved quite enough.

-Palak Arora


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