A letter to my Father.

Dear papa,

So I am writing this for you. I don’t always express my feelings face to face but by this way I will be able to express them better. First of all I love you so much papa.I couldn’t  have asked for a better understanding guy like you in my life. For me you are always my first priority and my forever favourite hero.

Everyday,I always wait for the moment when you will enter home and  the first thing you will do is hug me before anyone and kiss me on my forehead.This is the thing I will always cherish forever papa.

Most of the times I cry for little things when you scold me,but at that very moment you make me smile and laugh by doing all those funny and weird stuff like dancing weirdly & singing funny songs.Maybe all these things are very ordinary but seriously Dad all these moments and things are so very precious for me.

 Papa you know what ? No one trusts me like the way you do and I promise I will never let you down in any way.You are a perfect father. The one who always defends her daughter.And I feel so so proud to have you.
Since childhood till now, I can recollect all the memories we have made whether it’s you carrying me on your back,me and you walking on the beach together, playing with each other,suprising me with presents even on an ordinary day.You have literally treated me like a princess like really.

You have been literally bearing and handling all my tantrums since childhood till now.I know I am still the same stubborn, annoying,crazy child and papa you know what? I will always be like this for you so that the bond and love we share remains constant.

 I think I should stop being selfish and talk about you.You are still so handsome with your amazing features. You look super good in white & pastel shirts. You also manage to look super cute and stunning in all those funky t-shirts and shorts.
Now listen to me carefully.

Thank you dad, for being my dad.

Thankyou for listening me always.

Thankyou for trusting me so much.

Thankyou for all the love and care 

But Dad, “sorry” for I can never thank you enough.

HEY HEY HEYYYYYY.  MY HERO! Look, I love you.

Palak Arora


20 thoughts on “A letter to my Father.

  1. Thats sooo touching! Made me miss my dad too. I guess we will always be their little princess and they will be our super hero, for what they do for us is infinite! Keep it going girl.. u r Fabulous ❤️


  2. Very touching palak……every daughter like u wud endear this for her father n me tooo…….feeling proud to have a neice like u……all d best n buck up bachcha…..😍😍😙😙🎊🎉


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