So I know this guy and guess what he is perfect.It’s so difficult to get over & not to think about him.

He is somewhat like deep poetry,hard to understand in one go,but beautiful and as expressive as it can be.

His light brown sparkly eyes are as gorgeous as anything, and speak more than his words.

His smile is beautiful more than anything hence make me fall deeper in love with him.

His hair are messy which looks cute on his adorable face and shows the level of decency within him.

His voice and way of talking is enchanting enough which makes me interact with him more and more.

His personality is exemplary which allures me.My fondness grow more and more towards him endlessly.

He is so good at playing with his words that they seem to be compelling & enthralling enough.They grip me every single time when I converse with him.

His every single feature is eye catching yet remarkable.They just don’t allow me to take off my eyes from him.

He is flawless and everything about him can be embraced but the most heart-rending thing is that he only exist in my mind just like any perfect dream.

-Palak Arora


4 thoughts on “Perfect👤❤

  1. This was the bestest piece of writing that I have read so far ..i mean the way you ended it was just simply amazing!!❤❤
    Keep writing…You’re like thunder in this one can beat you here ma’am..!💝💯✔

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Woah palak, you never fail to amaze me with your outstanding writing skills and the way you play with the words… This post left me speechless😍 really loved this one😘

    Liked by 1 person

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