Beautiful voyage❤🌍🎈


Life is an unexpected journey.It comes with all new and different experiences. By bringing up happy moments it enlightens us and by bringing up sadness it drags us down.

Some of us keep holding on to  gloomy things where some of us try to find happiness in little things happening around.

Sometimes we clasp the things which happened with us in the  past or sometimes we think about the  future and in course of that we forget about the things which are happening with us in present.

We always complain about the inauspicious things rather than appreciate the superior things.We give birth to negativity inside us by ourselves and then complaint about the same.Many of us brag about the dismissive actions instead of praising the astounding experiences of ours.

Everyday we see and interact with different kind of people.We keep on looking forward to their flaws instead of catching and adopting their positive points.Instead of embracing their imperfections we keep grumbling about their character.We don’t look into ourself but rant about other’s personality.

Being active socially,everyday we read quotes,sayings related to leading a happy life but doesn’t always imply such things within our own self and to be honest it’s not always that easy to look upon such things.

But there is something which we can do is never complain about what’s happening around us but experience every bit of it.

 Life is an unpredictable voyage where we are just going  without any planning and expecting incredible things to happen.But what happens when we go on a drive? There are some bumps, speed breakers and many other obstacles which make our journey a little grumpy but at the end when we reach our destination. Ain’t that’s the most  alluring thing one could ever achieve. 

We should be humbled that we have the power to wake up every single morning with a power to be alive and make our move to step further in life.

We’ll grow always at every single step. All we have to do is believe and trust our own self.  So let’s stay happy yet positive and enjoy the little things revolving around.

-Palak Arora


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