Happy & Positive❤

​​My heart locks memories of Happy and positive people. The smile upon their face remains the same whether I meet them daily or after some months or even when I have met them for the very first time.

How weird is it? No? I get attracted to someone so easily whom I have just met just by seeing their happy and smiley faces.After looking at their smile i feel like smiling with them.

Their features like eyes, hair, dimples or cute grin enraptures my heart.This is the most common feeling I deal with very often. I could sense a bit of attachment or certain level of connectivity with them.

Such people do have that charm which takes over my mind. Doesn’t matter with which kind of problem they are dealing with they just make themselves so strong that they become capable of concealing all of their true emotions behind their laugh.

When they interweave with me I can see a kind of retention that their sparkly eyes holds which makes me observe them more and more.My fondness towards them keep on growing deep down inside my heart and mind.

Indubitable love starts growing for such kinda people who bring a genuine smile on my face. I feel like holding on to such people close to my heart and never ever let go.

Their smile brings up a positive approach in me.After seeing their happy faces and positive behavior I realise that how a smile can work out and can light me up from inside.

-Palak Arora


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