The feeling in the lap of nature is enthral.Beautiful sunrise enraptures me evertime.Cool breeze around starts captivating mind & heart.

I love the miscellaneous things of nature that might be is perplexing for one but those enlighten me.Looking through the car window and smiling continuously while watching the scenario, trees all around & a divine waterfall in between the mountains. It is amazing.Isn’t it?

 Watching those mountains covered with snow is sublime.Sitting in silence at riverside, watching and listening to the flow of water is de-stressing.It is so satisfying to enjoy the belongings of nature.

Standing in between the yard in early moring,looking at all those beautiful and colourful flora with dew is breathtaking. It gives an immense pleasure to eyes.

Sitting on sand at a beach contemplating while looking at the sunset just above the horizon is the most alluring thing one could ever experience.The aura around it is so positive yet extremely mesmerizing.

Nature is the only thing which makes travelling a captivating journey.Capture the moments and make them a memory which will stay in your heart forever.

-Palak Arora


4 thoughts on “Wanderlust🌎❤

  1. You write so beautifully. I felt everything that you wrote about, the morning dew on the grass, those scenarios i used to watch to keep my mind busy, i really felt each and everything, rejoiced it. An amazing friend and an amazing writer you are. Can’t wait to travel again 🙂


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