Weird much?

Haha..isn’t it weird? when you fall in ‘love’ with someone and can’t ‘accept’ the fact? You keep on telling your self all the crap like I ‘hate’ him/her or I don’t ‘like’ him/her in any way and stuff..but when you use the word ‘hate’ suddenly your heart drops? When your friends tease you with his/her tell them to shut up but deep down inside you feel shy and happy somewhere..
You feel afraid that what if he/she get to know about my feelings & what if they leave? Don’t feel afraid…If you love someone..go ahead tell matter what reply you least you have accepted the fact that yes I love him/her

Being in love is one of the most pleasant feeling for one…but sometimes by keeping it inside..we kill ourselves.  Love someone? Accept. Tell the person how much you love them,maybe they are also waiting for someone who can love them, can take care of them,understand them. Maybe by your 3 simple words their life can change. Accept yourself & confess to them..If they are meant to be with you they Will always be there…

-Palak Arora


2 thoughts on “Weird much?

  1. Have to agree withyou on this one,if you love someone please go tell them you don’t even know how much it means to them.
    Amd yes,the feeling of love is the most amazing feeling I’ve ever felt.Nice Writing Skills BTW.Keep up the good work👍❤


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