Nothing is ever lost

She calmed him down and took him in her arms. “Dont think too much”,”Dont lose yourlself”,”I am here” and “I am never letting you go” she whispered. Months passed. Memories came in to haunt him. He hurriedly tries to run away. Tries to escape. But her echoes ‘hold him back’ “Some memories dont last forever.But […]

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Will you let me?

You dont have to fear me;for what i want is to be a part of you. I want to take away the pain of the scars on your wrist;The scars, which resemble the agony of my heart I wish to take away the melancholic symphony,which plays in your mind. I desire to be the hue […]

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I dream.

I dream. To satisfy my appetite I dream about you. In my dreams my concience meets my subconcience telling each other stories about you that I have never heard. You are a piece of art unaware of what your worth is. Walls of my heart crave this art. crave your touch. crave the taste of […]

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So many questions reside inside  my heart which doesn’t let me sleep. mess revolves around & my mind  struggles to get answers of every question. being numb,still thinking out loud as much  as I can but anxiety keeps crawling in. tears ongoing, eyes wide open grappling, to get a sleep trying to keep up,holding on  […]

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I am sorry, for not loving you for not reciprocating the care you gave for taking away the smile that you always had when I was around for being there on your mind every moment for not showing up when you wanted to hold me tightly for not filling up the gaps of your fingers with […]

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